Prawn Business Is Crucial Conference Hears –

Prawn Business Is Crucial Conference Hears Fishing Monthly Published:  21 May, 2002

UK prawn eaters are getting more adventurous

THE crucial importance of the UK nephrops fishery was today underlined in a presentation to the Shellfish Association of Great Britain’s annual conference.

And UK customers are becoming more adventurous in their approach to the product,Tania Gross, Sea Fish Industry Authority Market Research Executive, told the event.

She highlighted that the fishery for nephrops-also known as Dublin bay prawns, Norway lobster, or langoustines-was the most valuable in the UK in terms of landings.Britain lands over 28,000 tonnes of nephrops each year, most of it coming into Scotland, with over 50% exported as whole product to Spain, France and Italy and the other half being processed as scampi (breaded tails) for the UK foodservice and retail market

Ms Gross highlighted that two separate markets,the whole product for continental exports and the breaded tails for the UK,could begin to overlap as British consumers became more adventurous.She said some would say that negligible amounts of fresh prawns go to UK consumers and that the only exported breaded scampi goes to Brits on holiday in Benidorm.”But our consumers are gradually changing their eating habits and patterns and perhaps in the longer term, there will be a need to look more closely at specific consumers and identify what they want.”