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PPS East supports the British Heart Foundation Published:  30 August, 2013

PPS East sponsors BHF Bat Mobile

PPS East recently provided sponsorship for the British Heart Foundations carnival float, as they took part in this years annual Cleethorpes Carnival.

The event supported by Youngs Seafood Limited saw hundreds of companies, volunteers and fundraisers decorating their floats, cars and lorries for the carnival. The route took 2 hours to travel around the town before arriving at one of the big parks, where there was a continental market, refreshment tents, amusement stalls and live music.

PPS East donated a sum of money to the local cause and together with its employees, got fully involved to create the ‘The BHF Batmobile’ float – providing the car, materials to build it and the bat logos. (See photograph)

PPS East’s nightshift supervisor – Andrew Darkin, who works for the Grimsby based company that supplies reusable transit packaging to the fishing and food processing industry, is very much involved working as a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation for personal reasons. 

In 2001, Andrew’s father, crippled by angina and barely able to walk was taken into hospital at a BHF funded cardiac unit near Cambridge, where he underwent life saving treatment. Within days of his operation, his dad was a new man and even now, 12 years later he regularly swims and cycles with his grandchildren. 

Even more amazing, Andrew’s nephew George survived through the use of a pioneering prototype scanner designed and built by a BHF research team. During a routine neo natal scan it detected that George’s heart was not forming properly and with this knowledge, a few days after birth he underwent a lifesaving 7 hour operation to rebuild his heart. Several years on and George has grown up to be a normal, healthy, happy child and has a long life ahead of him, all thanks to the British Heart Foundation.

The work of the British Heart Foundation is funded entirely by fundraising volunteers, their national chain of charity shops, plus the goodwill and generosity of the British public and company sponsorship. For further information about the British Heart Foundation visit their website www.bhf.org.uk