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Potential Funding Gap Must Be Bridged Fishing Monthly Published:  25 February, 2003

A NEW cod recovery plan is needed as a matter of urgency to address the major shortcomings of the present one, but the Scottish Executive must have in place contingency measures in case the new plan does not materialise in July.

This was underlined by Scottish Fishermen’s Federation secretary Dr Ian Duncan who said the industry must have cover for every eventuality.

“At present, the Scottish Executive has conceded that the present interim measures are so extreme that £10million is needed during the period of the interim regime.

“But if there is no cod recovery plan to replace interim measures by July, then the interim measures will run to the end of the year because they are stitched into the annual TAC regulation.

“Therefore we must have cash in place and ready to click in if there is no success in landing a new recovery regime by July.

“Otherwise you will have a situation where were you have managed to support the fleet for half of the year but you have whipped away the safety net fore the rest of the year.

“If they put into place contingency measures which are never invoked then no money has been spent and no face lost.

“I would rather have a situation where money is not required because the cod recovery plan is in place rather than a failed attempt at putting a plan in place and no contingency measures from Scottish Executive.”