Petition Heading For Number 10 –

Petition Heading For Number 10 Fishing Monthly Published:  10 December, 2002

A PETITION bearing 44,000 signatures and aimed at saving the fishing industry is to be sent to Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The petition, backed by members of the public as well as the fishing industry, is being targeted at politicians as part of the campaign to head off draconian cuts in fishing for cod, haddock and whiting off the Scottish coast.

The petition was handed over to the Scottish Parliament last week after a march and rally against the plans.

And today the Scottish Parliament’s petitions committee backed MSP Dorothy-Grace Elder’s call to send the petition direct to Tony Blair to highlight the crisis.

Earlier this week,campaigners,presented European Fisheries Commissioner Franz Fischler with a video diary spelling out the disastrous impact cuts would have on Scottish communities.However, Mr Fischler stuck to a tough line over the need for effort reduction.