Penalty points system for EU fishermen –

Penalty points system for EU fishermen Published:  12 April, 2011

The European Commission (EC) is to approve detailed technical rules to implement penalty points for fishermen today (Tuesday), under the new regime for the control of fisheries which will come into force in 2012.

This new tool will remove licenses from fishermen who do not comply with the law repeatedly.

The objective of the EU executive is to increase vigilance “from the nets to the table,” EU officials told the EFE agency.

The penalty points, similar to that already applied in Spain for road traffic, is a tool whereby fishermen, vessel owners or officers who violate the rules will be given a point, and when they reach a certain amount, they will be penalised by having their permits withdrawn.

The European Union (EU) agreed that the score will appear on the national register of the country where the vessel was from.

The offender will receive several “warnings” if they reach a certain amount of points, and each licence will be temporarily confiscated.

But if a violation incurs five times, the authorities will remove their licences permanently.

Under the new European system of control, it also provides for harmonisation of inspections throughout Europe.

According to European sources quoted by EFE, these regulations are designed to “make it even harder” to carry out illegal fishing.