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OxSea Vision AS win the Innovation Prize at Aquanor 2003 Fish Farming Today Published:  15 August, 2003

Surnadal based OxSea Vision AS was awarded the Nor-Fishing Foundation Innovation Prize on Tuesday. The company was established only three years ago and has developed and commercialized sophisticated systems for adding oxygen to cages used for the cultivation of marine organisms. The system has a great potential in the entire chain of production; hatcheries, smolt producing plants, grow-out farms, marine fish installations, well boats and processing plants.

The Prize is a picture by the artist Ørnulf Opdahl and a cheque of NOK 100,000 which was presented to Mr Martin Gausen, General Manager of OxSea Vision AS and Development Manager, Mr Anders Næss by Director General of Fisheries, Mr Peter Gullestad.

The Prize was awarded for the first time and is meant to encourage increased focus on innovation, efficiency improvement, quality improvement, enhanced profitability and protection of environment and resources in the fishery and aquaculture industries. It will be presented every year at the fishery trade show Nor-Fishing and at Aqua Nor. An impressive 22 applications were submitted, and according to Mr Gullestad, the number of applications reflects the significant efforts and work invested in innovation, improvement and efficiency improvement by the industry.