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Ocean Trawlers’ system verified by DNV Published:  01 November, 2007

DNV has verified ocean trawlers’ traceability system

OCEAN Trawlers’ system to ensure fish is caught within allocated quotas has been officially verified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The system is in use on all vessels where Ocean Trawlers has supply contracts.

Ocean Trawlers has developed a control system that guarantees that the cod and haddock from Russian suppliers are bought within the quotas granted by the Russian authorities and that the origin of the fish is rigorously documented.

The world-renowned certification authority Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has verified the accuracy, integrity and reliability of the quota control and traceability system.

DNV reviewed all underlying purchasing documentation for 2006 and could verify that the amounts cod and haddock purchased by Ocean Trawlers were within quota.

It also verified that the system is accurate and reliable and has such integrity so as to form the basis for continued service in Ocean Trawlers’ operations.

DNV reviewed 662 documents on cod and haddock and found one case of exceeding of quota by 0.17%. It also found that in spite of the rough conditions at sea, which affect the accuracy of the onboard weighing, the deviation when compared to landed catch was less than 0.2%.

Having conducted the verification process DNV concluded that:

* In general, OTI’s internal quota control system has proven its accuracy, integrity and reliability.

* Considering the business nature and the conditions under which weighing takes place, the weight error (less than 0.2%) for cod and haddock can be considered to be an acceptable deviation from the quotas allocated.

* The Russian fishing companies can provide the licence and vessel details for tracing their quota information correctly.

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