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NSEC enters cod and haddock for MSC certification Published:  04 September, 2008

The Norwegian Seafood Export Council has entered Norway’s North East Arctic cod and haddock fisheries into full assessment for Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. If successful, 174,000MT of Norwegian cod and 76,500MT of Norwegian haddock will be allowed to bear the MSC eco-label.

The fisheries comprise a wide variety of boats from large, state-of-the-art offshore trawlers to small coastal vessels using a mixture of fishing gears including trawls, longlines, Danish seines, handlines and gill nets to catch cod and haddock. The fisheries take place inside the Norwegian Exclusive Economic Zone north of the 62nd parallel (ICES areas I and II). The fish has a global market with saltfish, clipfish and stockfish on sale in southern Europe and Latin America and fillets, fresh and frozen fish being sold in Germany, France and the UK.

Tove Sleipnes, marketing manager, whitefish, Norwegian Seafood Export Council says: ‘Norway has a tradition for managing its fisheries in harmony with nature, and has been internationally regarded as one of the world’s leading in sustainable fisheries management. This is a story that we are proud to tell. We are convinced that an MSC-certification will be an effective marketing tool, and a great way to ensure even more credibility in the market place for Norwegian cod and haddock.’

Camiel Derichs, MSC’s commercial manager for Northern Europe, says: ‘This is a hugely significant move from the Norwegian seafood industry. This fishery is looking to demonstrate its sustainability using the most respected seafood eco-label in the world. I am confident that today’s entry into full assessment will benefit the Norwegian seafood industry for years to come.’

Geir-Ove Ystmark, director of industrial politics, Norwegian Seafood Federation, says: ‘Third-party documentation of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the market, and MSC has taken a leading position among the standards. MSC certification of cod and haddock will, together with other ways of documenting our management system, strengthen Norway’s position in the important Northern European markets.’

Rupert Howes, chief executive of the MSC, acknowledges the historic significance of the occasion: ‘The Norwegian Seafood Export Council’s move to bring these iconic cod and haddock fisheries into full assessment is a historic development. These fisheries have global markets but are of particular significance in northern European markets. Two and a half months ago, we celebrated the certification of the Norwegian saithe fishery. I hope that, next year, we will be celebrating the certification of the Norwegian North East Arctic cod and haddock fisheries.’

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