Norwegians eating more fish – survey –

Norwegians eating more fish – survey Published:  08 July, 2011

NORWAY is today not only one of the world’s biggest fish exporting countries – but Norwegians are also eating a lot more of what they catch.

According to news figures, every Norwegian ate around 18.1 kilograms last year or almost 40 lbs in imperial weight. This represents an increase of 4.5 per cent over 2009. And most of the consumption is through pre-packed supermarket style products eaten in the home. The industry consumption of fish increases when it comes in convenient, easy-to-cook packs, but the health benefits from eating seafood are helping to push up growth.

The total amount of fish eaten by Norwegians last year was 85,000 tons worth nearly six billion kroner – or £740-million sterling.Meanwhile, the Norwegian seafood industry has been following the British example by engaging a well known television personality to advertise cod.

Astrid Haugslett, who is a popular presenter of a children’s programme, has been persuading people to put cod on the menu more often earlier this summer. She showed people how to make quick and tasty dinners with a series of recipes that will roll out across Norwegian TV screens until the end of next month.

Along with Iceland, Norway has one of the largest and most sustainable cod stocks in the world. The recipes are being provided by the Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

In fact it was at a Seafood Export Council conference in Grimsby in March that one guest revealed that when the celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal advertised sustainable Icelandic cod on television for the retailer Waitrose it led to a huge increase in sales.