Norwegian krill fishing company features on Hugh’s Fish Fight –

Norwegian krill fishing company features on Hugh’s Fish Fight Published:  19 February, 2013

A leading Norwegian krill fishing company is to feature in the next episode of Chaneel 4’s Hugh’s Fish Fight on Thursday February 21st.

In their search of practical examples of sustainable fishing, Hugh and the Fish Fight team journey to the Southern Ocean to join one of Aker BioMarine’s high-tech vessels, the Saga Sea, to witness first-hand how Aker BioMarine’s sustainable fishing techniques catch and process krill without by-catch or wastage. Aker BioMarine is the only krill fishery certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Krill are tiny crustaceans living in the Antarctic and a food source for a variety of Antarctic marine life including whales, seals, and penguins. It is fished for the production of krill meal and krill oil, which in turn is used for animal or aquaculture feed and for direct human consumption through health products and omega-3 supplements.

In Thursday’s programme,  Hugh visits an independent retailer to find out about the health benefits of krill oil, before he joins the Saga Sea in the Antarctic to see how krill is fished.

Webjørn Eikrem, EVP at Aker BioMarine, says: “Consumer demand for krill oil has risen steadily since 2009 and Aker BioMarine has developed a sustainable solution in the form of Eco-HarvestingTM. As the leading and only MSC certified krill fishery, we have a great responsibility to safeguard this resource. That’s why we work closely with the industry, regulators, scientists and NGOs, to ensure a sustainable supply of krill-based products, not only today but for years to come.

“As part of our intention to make the krill fishing industry more transparent and open, we were delighted to welcome Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the Fish Fight team aboard. It was an opportunity for them to see the benefits to food safety and sound stock management of monitoring the whole supply chain, from catch to customer, and how a responsible fishery can assist in the collection of scientific data to help protect the krill biomass in Antarctica.”

Aker BioMarine draws on 30 years of fishing experience and relationships with established experts, from WWF-Norway to the MSC to CCAMLR, to ensure that fishing is sustainable and there is 100-percent traceability from the Antarctic seas to the end user.