Norwegian fishermen raise 600k kroners for quake victims –

Norwegian fishermen raise 600k kroners for quake victims Published:  04 April, 2011

NORWEGIAN fishermen have raised more than 600,000 kroners – or almost £68,000 sterling – for the Japanese earthquake victims in just three weeks.

Fiskebat, the Norwegian Fishing Vessel owners Association which  launched the fund raising  campaign days after the quake and the resulting tsunami struck, is thought to be pleased with the results.

Norway is a major exporter of pelagic fish products to Japan. Much of the cash was raised among collections by vessel crews both ashore and at sea.

The money is being sent to the Norwegian Red Cross which is then handing onto the Japanese Red Cross, who are thought to be in the best position on how to channel the funds, but it will almost certainly be used for relief and reconstruction.

Many Japanese fishing communities were all but wiped out on the huge tidal wave that engulfed ports immediately following the quake. The loss of life was high and hundreds of fishing families  have been left without homes or livelihoods as most of their vessels were damaged beyond repair.Fiskebat chairman Tore Roald Suresnes said when he launched the campaign that he wanted to the Norwegian fleet to show solidarity with the victims. “Such gifts of money may seem like a drop in the ocean compared to the challenge facing Japan, but it will provide many with a helping hand in a very difficult situation,” he added. “The most important thing of all is to show that we care.” Other sections of the Norwegian seafood industry are also thought to be fund raising for the victims.