Norwegian fish mission heads for Grimsby –

Norwegian fish mission heads for Grimsby Published:  29 November, 2010

SOME of the leading names in the Norwegian fishing industry and in seafood production are heading for Grimsby this week.Their mission will be to open up possible new export markets into the Humber and to explain just what Norway has to offer in terms of quality fish.

The highlight of the visit will be a full one-day seafood conference at the Humber Seafood Institute on Wednesday preceded by a civic welcome the previous evening.

The delegation is being led by the Norway Seafood Export Council, which has already indicated that it want to sell more cod and haddock to Britain, a – move which would certainly be welcomed on the Humber markets where both species from Iceland have been in short supply recently, with resulting high prices.

In view of the Icelandic supply downturn, the importance of the visit cannot be too highly emphasised.

The Norwegians, led by export council chairman Rolf Domstein,  are sending over leading white fish, salmon and prawn exporters and producers where they will be shown the Grimsby Fish Market and the Grimsby and Humber Seafood Cluster.

Key Grimsby speakers will include Wynne Griffiths, former chief executive of Young’s and now chairman of the Humber Seafood Institute, along with Simon Dwyer, chairman of the local Trade Corridor Group. Among the Norwegian speakers are Webjørn Barstad from the Norwegian Fishing Vessel Owners Association and Morten Hyldborg Jensen from Aker/Norway Seafoods. The conference will also turn to issues such as green transport and food safety.

But the big prize for Grimsby in particular would be to successfully persuade the Norwegian vessel owners to send fresh fish to the Humber on a regular basis. The Grimsby Fish Market is a barometer for fish prices right around the UK  with the boast that everything on display is always sold – and at top prices. Ironically, the Norwegians will fly into a Grimsby colder and with more snow than Oslo at present.