Norway to step up overseas cod sales drive –

Norway to step up overseas cod sales drive Published:  15 January, 2013

NORWAY is to step up its drive to sell more cod at home and abroad this year.

With the Barents Sea cod fishery in its healthiest condition for many years, stocks in the region are at an all time high.

Norway and Russia are sharing a catch quota of around one million tons this year.

But too many people in some European countries still consider cod to be an endangered species because of misleading claims by some environmental groups and problems with stocks elsewhere. Also Norway has just reported that exports of cod of all types fell last year when compared with 2011.Norway, which is Europe’s largest salmon exporter, wants the rest of the world to sample its cod and haddock as well.

Last year Oslo launched a major drive in the UK, targeting the country’s fish and chip shops.Now the country’s seafood industry and the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs has teamed up with additional funding to promote cod during 2013.

Together, the Ministry and two Norwegian fishermen’s sales organisations have set aside an extra 15 million kroners (£1.67 million sterling or just over two million euros) towards the promotion.Fisheries Minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen said she was very happy that the fish industry had decided to join the scheme.

She said: “Norwegian cod is popular worldwide and we have a feast to offer. In fact, cod from Norway is a natural feast. It is already one of our premier seafood products but we feel we can strengthen that market position.”

Ms Berg-Hansen added: “This (Oslo) Government’s ambition is to be the world’s leading seafood nation, but it also requires that we have an energetic attitude.”

Trygve Myrvang from the Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Organisation said the industry was already well under way with its marketing activities and was now planning new promotions.