Norway seafood exports leap by 27 per cent – thanks to high salmon prices –

Norway seafood exports leap by 27 per cent – thanks to high salmon prices Published:  10 October, 2013

THE value of Norwegian seafood exports leapt by over 27 per cent last month, with salmon  leading the way  through higher prices. Figures for last month totalled 5.3 billion kroners (NOK) an increase of NOK 1.1 billion – or 27.5 per cent.

Egil Ove Sundheim, director of market information with the Norwegian Seafood Council said: “The strong growth in seafood exports so far this year is very much due to the higher prices we have seen for Norwegian salmon compared to the same period last year. The average price for Norwegian salmon in recent weeks is now NOK 33.50 per kg, up by NOK 7.7 per kg at the same time last year. Whether this rise will last is open to speculation, but many people in the industry expect salmon prices to fall, probably in the New Year when the festive rush is over.He added: ” Growth in exports to our neighbouring EU market is particularly strong, up by 18 per cent for the year to date. September also saw a marked increase in exports of products from the fisheries sector.” The Seafood Council says that the value of its exports for the first nine months of 2013 now total NOK 41.1 billion, an increase of NOK 4.6 billion or 13 per cent. However, volumes are down.

The total export volume has declined by 5.5 per cent in the nine months to the end of September, with EU countries taking less. Exports to France, the biggest market, have declined by six per cent, while exports to Poland, the second biggest market, have increased by nine per cent. The share of Norwegian salmon exports destined for the EU has increased from 65 percent last year to 69 percent this year. This year to date, Eastern Europe has imported 17 per cent less Norwegian salmon than in the same period last year. The biggest declines are in exports to Russia and Ukraine. The volume of exports to Asia has declined by 13 percent this year to date, with exports to Taiwan, Japan and China showing the biggest drop.On other species exports of herring are on the rise and mackerel sales remain stable.Exports of fresh Norwegian cod, including fillets in September increased by NOK 9-million to NOK 41 million, while frozen cod overseas sales rose by NOK 12-million to NOK 98-million.