Norway exports record 10,000 tons of cod in April –

Norway exports record 10,000 tons of cod in April Published:  08 May, 2013

EXPORTS of fresh whole Norwegian cod reached a record 10,000 tons during April, the latest statistics show – an increase of 26 per cent.

While it was the first time such a large figure had been achieved in a single month, the price paid for cod remains at a relatively low level despite some upward movement.

However, there was some price encouragement in that the value  of cod, haddock and saithe totalled NOK 806 million last month – NOK 59.4 million or eight per cent higher than the figure last year. Exports of fresh cod products amounted to NOK 238.7 million, an increase of NOK 71.5 million or 43 per cent when set against the same period in 2012.

Fresh whole cod exports increased in volume from 3,646 tons to 10,160 tons – up 179 per cent on last April. Since that time the average price of cod has fallen by 28 per cent which means the extra earnings have come from far higher volumes.

Norway says that its neighbour Sweden was one of the strongest markets for its fresh fish products almost trebling to 1,578 tons. But overseas sales of frozen whitefish during the month fell by 17 per cent to NOK 239.7 million, with China continuing  as the dominant market.

Exports of dried fish were up by 22 per cent to NOK 178.6 million, with Portugal again the largest market.

On the pelagic side Norway exported less herring and mackerel, says the Norwegian Seafood Council. Herring fell by NOK 50 million to NOK 149 million while mackerel was down by NOK 39 million to NOK 57 million. Russia and Germany are Norway’s main herring markets with the Ukraine and China buying much of its mackerel.