No Seat, But New Party Vows To Fight On –

No Seat, But New Party Vows To Fight On Fishing Monthly Published:  02 May, 2003 FISHING Party sole candidate George Geddes has failed to win a seat in the Scottish Parliament. But he said tonight that his ambition was to field six candidates for the European Parliament elections in two years time.Mr Geddes, a former vice-chairman of the Scottish White Fish Producer’s Association stood to fight the industry’s cause in the parliament in the wake of the disastrous Christmas quota deal.But he failed in his attempt to win election as an MSP through the list system, winning just short of 5,600 votes in the North-east of Scotland constituency area.“It was not enough and I needed to win 9,500 votes, ” he said.“But the European elections are two years away and I think that must be our next target. “We had three months to prepare for the Scottish elections. Was that long enough? I am not sure that it was.“And while I was delighted with the support I got south of Aberdeen I was disappointed by my support in Banff and Buchan.However we have to be positive and acknowledge that we have not really lost because we have succeeded in raising the profile of the fishing industry.”Mr Geddes said he was concerned over the overall outcome of the Scottish vote as far as potential “headaches” for the fishing industry were concerned, given the likelihood that the ruling coalition would need to win voting support from the new group of Green MSPs.