News on extra days could be imminent –

News on extra days could be imminent Fishing Monthly Published:  28 June, 2004 ALEX Smith, the President of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation said today Monday June 28th that the federation will meet with the Scottish fisheries department tomorrow Tuesday 29th, to see if a final decision has been made in Brussels on a bid to win extra fishing days each month.He added:“We hope there is a favourable outcome to what has been a long campaign by both the federation and the white fish association and this issue has to go through the July fisheries council to avoid being delayed by the summer break. I would say five extra days is a fair number for the whitefish fleet.“If you look at the saithe fishery, anyone committing to less than 5% cod gets unrestricted days.”Meanwhile, he said that the closure of the Rockall haddock fishery to Scotland’s biggest fish producer organisation, but the continuation of a Russian blue whiting fishery in the area which was also scooping up immature haddock was totally unacceptable. “Russia is effectively continuing an industrial fishery on small haddock which shows a complete lack of international control, something which cannot possibly be allowed to continue,” he said.“ EU vessels have been severely hit by recovery plans and the precautionary approach is biting really hard, but other countries who fish in international waters on the same stocks are unhindered.”Smith said the Rockall haddock quota had been reduced with no apparent scicnce to back it up and some boats had now faced a diversion from Rockall to areas where there are already recovery plans.The Scottish Fishermen’s Organisation, the biggest fish PO in the UK which has been forced to stop fishing for haddock off Rockall, had an allocation of only 149 tonnes and won a transfer from the Aberdeen Fish PO in order to keep catching for as long as possible. The total UK allocation for the fishery this year is 566 tonnes, compared to a UK allocation of 6400 tonnes in the same area last year when there was a different balance between area VIA and VIB. The Peterhead-based Northeast Fish PO’s 144 tonnes at Rockall for this year has some way to go with less than 20% taken up.