New Shetland Agreement Is Signed –

New Shetland Agreement Is Signed Fish Farming Today Published:  23 August, 2002

NINE salmon farming companies in one of the most complex aquaculture areas in Shetland have come together to sign a voluntary Area Management Agreement (AMA).

The document formalises a strategy to work closer together in all aspects of the fish farming process to protect the environment and improve the health and welfare of the fish.

David Sandison, general manager of the Shetland Salmon Farmers’ Association said: “This particular AMA covers an area to the north of Shetland including Olnafirth,Gonfirth, Aith, Busta Voe, Roe Sound, Cole Deep and Swarbacks Minn.

“The area has been divided into three separate single year class stocking zones, involving nine companies and an outstanding 27 sites.

“No other agreement in Scotland is as complex or involves this level of co-operation between companies.”

“The introduction of AMAs is setting a precedent for the future of aquaculture.The co-ordinated management of farms and protection of the surrounding environment is crucial to the future of the industry. With several agreements now in place, we aim to continue to develop the project by introducing AMAs throughout Shetland and, ultimately, widening the process to include shellfish growers and other users of the marine environment.”

Welcoming this particular AMA and looking forward to the industry in the area co-operating on a more formal basis, Drew Ratter, Shetland Islands Councillor for Delting West said: “I am absolutely delighted with the progress in this area and I am confident Delting Community Council will echo that sentiment.”