New Scottish Fisheries Watchdog Out To Tender –

New Scottish Fisheries Watchdog Out To Tender Fishing Monthly Published:  12 July, 2003

A NEW Scottish Fishery Protection Vessel (FPV) has been given the go ahead to go to tender. The vessel will be a replacement for the FPV Sulisker and will cost around £15m.

Scottish Fisheries Minister Ross Finnie said:

“The Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency (SFPA) has made clear to me its needs for enhanced offshore marine surveillance. I have therefore agreed to allocate up to £15m of end of year flexibility (EYF) savings to the SFPA to allow the early procurement of an 80 metre vessel to replace the Sulisker.

“The new vessel will be longer and faster than any now available to the Agency and will give it a capacity to operate in deeper and more difficult waters. The vessel will be powered by a modern, fuel efficient, low-emission diesel electric propulsion system.

“This continued investment in the SFPA’s marine surveillance capability supports the Agency’s key role in ensuring the sustainability of the Scottish fisheries sector.”