New Salmon Research Farm Established in Norway –

New Salmon Research Farm Established in Norway European Fish Trader Published:  26 June, 2002

BAS will concentrate on researching the safe and environmentally sound production of salmon

BIOMAR, ARENA and Sjotroll through their newly established R&D company BAS AS, have received a licence to operate a full scale salmon research farm in the Austevoll region of Norway.

The aquaculture industry will benefit from the united knowledge of technology, feed and fish farming possessed by these three companies.

According to its backers, experience and new products created through BAS will define new boundaries, helping the industry to move forward.

The project has been created through a unique cooperation with the regional university of Nesna, who will contribute with concept analysis, pedagogic know-how and quality control.

“Too many unfinished products have been unleashed upon fish farmers. It is vital that solutions are tested in long term, realistic conditions to maintain quality and product integration. BAS will therefore function as a link between prototypes and the finished products. The main goal of BAS is to provide a total solution for rational, safe and environmentally sound fish production,” said Ulrik Ulriksen, general manager of BAS AS.

Production is planned to start in September 2002, and the owners will contribute approximately 19 million NOK to the project.