New Party To Fight One Seat –

New Party To Fight One Seat Fishing Monthly Published:  03 April, 2003

THE newly-born Fishing Party today launched its manifesto for the Scottish Parliamentary elections and revealed it is only fielding one candidate.

George Geddes, a skipper and former Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association office bearer will be the party candidate for the North East of Scotland regional list. The seat stretches from Cullen to and including Dundee.

Mr Geddes confirmed this would be the only seat the party was fighting for practical reasons.However winning his own election was in itself a “huge task” for the party.But the party had more time to prepare for the European Parliament elections in two years.

Mr Geddes said :” This is an exciting day for the Fishing Party. Our manifesto lays out our policies and aspirations and allows the voters of the North East to see what we stand for. We are honest about our chances in the upcoming election and realise that the task ahead of us is huge. We feel that the election of one candidate in not only realistic but achievable. While we could have fielded several candidates we felt it was more realistic to put forward one candidate with a credible chance of election rather than several paper candidates.

“The Fishing Party is the party for the fishing industry and I promise if elected to fight for fairness for our fishing industry and the communities it serves…”