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New Industry Report available Published:  22 November, 2010

The business potential in Russia and Eastern Europe for western European, North American or Asian seafood companies is staggering – both in terms of vast, fish-loving, sales markets and new suppliers for cod, haddock, pollock or salmon.

Russia has over 140 million consumers with a sizeable and developing seafood trading and processing sector.

The Ukraine and Belarus are smaller countries, but also have populations with growing wealth and a love for seafood. Both former Soviet nations also contain powerful seafood companies with plans to expand.

Demand for imported seafood is also picking up in other former Soviet countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

The “Russia and Eastern Europe: Demand booming for seafood” report provides exclusive information on the seafood markets in Russia and Eastern Europe, including:

    * A full ranking of the top 25 seafood companies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.    * In-depth profiles of the top companies.    * A listing of the top importing companies and countries into Russia.    * A look at the massive growth potential in Russian seafood consumption as per-capita wealth increases.    * Information on the Russian government’s backing of fishing and aquaculture activities.    * The prospects of consolidation in the Russian seafood sector.    * Analysis of the chilled, frozen and ready-to-eat markets in Russia.    * Information on the new glazing law planned for Russia.    * Analysis of the Ukrainian seafood market.

Eastern Europe is a region seafood exporters simply cannot afford to ignore. Not only that, the Russian government is investing in its fishing and aquaculture businesses, so it is more than likely Russia will export more seafood in the future and be a larger player in seafood production.

Even as things stand, Russia has some developed and sizeable fishing companies catching cod, haddock and pelagic species in the Barents Sea as well as Alaska pollock, salmon, squid and saury in the Russian Far East.

This report profiles the top players in importing, trading, processing and fishing.

It provides an insight into the dynamics and potential of these markets, alongside profiles of all the top players.

The aim is to give the buyer a chance to forge partnerships with the main players in these markets. All business is built on partnerships and this is even more the case in Eastern Europe. Make no mistake, both as a supplier and buyer; you need to choose your partner carefully. This report should help you do that.

Pricing for the report is as follows

    * £650.00 – UK buyers    * €750.00 – European buyers    * $1000.00 – Rest of the world    * 5900.00NOK – Scandinavian buyers

EUR  750  / USD  1000  / NOK  5900  purchase

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