New business to hunt out funding for seafood companies –

New business to hunt out funding for seafood companies Published:  02 May, 2011

A NEW Grimsby-based company Seafox Management Consultants Limited has launched a new service that will help companies, particularly those in the seafood industry, to access public funds to assist them to grow and develop new products and services.

The company will offer a project development and management service for a wide range of funding opportunities that are relevant to the seafood industry, such as the European Fisheries Fund, UK Government’s Regional Growth Fund, Research and Development Grants and Tax Credits.

The director of the new service is Liz Baghurst, who has considerable experience in the area of accessing public funding.

The company, which is located in the heart of Greater Grimsby’s seafood processing cluster and based at the Humber Seafood Institute, says it plans to work with local, national and international clients to develop projects that secure funds and create new opportunities for businesses within the sector.

Seafox chief executive Simon Dwyer said: “We are excited about the launch of this service. Funding opportunities have become more competitive and our clients will benefit from having access to specialist advisors that have the knowledge, experience and a track record of success to steer them through the complex funding processes – exceeding clients’ ambitions to achieve results is the guiding principle behind this venture”.

In fact Seafox Management Consultants Limited will be making its debut appearance at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels. It has gone there as part of the Greater Grimsby delegation which includes a number of fishing and seafood related businesses.