New awards to honour excellence from net to plate –

New awards to honour excellence from net to plate Published:  17 February, 2004

Seafish – The Sea Fish Industry Authority has announced a major new pan-sector awards venture aimed at raising industry standards and recognising excellence throughout the seafood sector from catching through to the processing of fish, marketing, fish retailing and consumption.

Seafish works across all sectors of the UK seafood industry promoting good quality, sustainable seafood with research and various projects all committed to raising standards, improving efficiency and ensuring that the industry develops in a viable way.

The awards called The Seafood Industry Awards will encompass the whole industry with around ten awards including Catching for the Market, Fish Processor of the Year, Best Fishmonger, Best Multiple, Best Seafood Restaurant.

Said Howard Thomas of Seafish ‘we are delighted to announce this new event which will further highlight the importance of Seafood and roles that each part of the industry plays in bringing quality seafood to the consumer’s plate’

In addition to these awards, Seafish are launching further seafood categories at Highbury’s annual Retail Awards and The Quality Food and Drink Awards raising awareness amongst the retail and food and beverage sectors yet further.

Entry information for The Seafood Industry Awards can be obtained from Grant Collier, Divisional Marketing and Events Manager, Highbury Business on 01322 660070 or by contacting