Navy Takes Delivery of Rare Arctic Seal from Irish Salmon Farm –

Navy Takes Delivery of Rare Arctic Seal from Irish Salmon Farm Fish Farming Today Published:  08 November, 2002

The staff at one of Ireland’s best-known salmon farms, Killary Salmon Company in Co. Galway, has played a central role in the rescue and rehabilitation of a rare seal, which had found its way into Killary Harbour. The appearance of a young Arctic Bearded Seal is believed to be the first recorded in Ireland and was found by local people onshore in a distressed state. The seal spent a few weeks recuperating under the voluntary care of the salmon farm staff.

Brave efforts were first made to try and look after the quite large animal by local Seal Sanctuary volunteer, Linda Wells, but it became obvious that the salmon farm was the best location for an attempted recuperation. Shortly after arriving at the farm, where a fish bin was converted into a living pool, the seal recovered its appetite and its health improved. Great care was taken to ensure that contact with humans was kept at a minimum so as not to disturb the habits of this naturally wild creature.

The Irish Navy took delivery of the seal on Wednesday of this week for release near to its native northern waters. The seal was gently lifted aboard using the salmon farm’s workboat. The staff at the farm was sorry to see the “Navy Seal” set off back home, but were delighted to have taken part in a unique conservation exercise.