Morley Defends Quota Cuts –

Morley Defends Quota Cuts Fishing Monthly Published:  18 February, 2003

UK FISHERIES Minister Elliot Morley today appeared before members of the Scottish Parliament and told them he could not ignore scientific evidence pointing to unhealthy fish stocks.

And he told a Holyrood committee that he and Scottish minister Ross Finnie had done everything they could to make the best of difficult negotiations before Christmas in Brussels.

He said: “What we sought to do was maximise the opportunities, while respecting science.”And stock recovery could not be jeopardised.

Shetland Liberal Democrat MSP Tavish Scott hit at the lack of lobbying before the Christmas talks.

“It was very important that fisheries ministers got out of London and got into every European capital to try to find some common cause with other European fisheries ministers to seek to find a solution that would alleviate the worst effects of the commission’s proposals,” he said.