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Mission Council visits North-East Scotland Published:  05 September, 2011

For only the second time in the Mission’s 130-year long history, the Mission Council, the Charity’s governing body, held a Council meeting in Scotland on Thursday 1st September.

The Mission’s headquarters are in the South of England but in recognition of the importance of Scotland to UK fishing its Council will in future meet more frequently north of the Border.

First stop on Wednesday 31st August was Peterhead where Council members visited the Peterhead-based trawler Favonius. All were much impressed by the boat and were extremely grateful to owner Andrew Buchan and his sons for allowing them on board and for sharing much useful information on the fishing. Information gathering continued into the evening when Andrew Buchan and other representatives from the Scottish industry met for dinner with the Mission’s Council and Executive, including out-going Chief Executive Dan Conley. The Mission Chairman, David Harris took the opportunity to reiterate the Mission’s continuing commitment to serving the UK’s fishing communities and to explain how closing now under-utilised Mission Centres did not mean the charity abandoning its emergency and welfare support for fishermen and their families. In fact he was adamant in saying that the organisational changes proposed would in fact strengthen Mission services.

The following day saw the Council early risers and visiting the Peterhead Fish Market where they witnessed a fine array of fish. Then a splendid breakfast at the Mission Centre courtesy of Superintendent George Power, his wife Irene and the staff, before travelling to the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation Offices in Aberdeen for the Council Meeting where they were warmly welcomed by SFF Chief Executive, Bertie Armstrong and his staff. The Council thanked Mr Armstrong for the Federation’s hospitality and departed Aberdeen vowing they’d be back. This was indeed a very successful visit.