Ministers Must Give Give Answers On Effort Move –

Ministers Must Give Give Answers On Effort Move Fishing Monthly Published:  20 September, 2002

Elliot Morley…asked to come up with answers

A POWERFUL fishermen’s grouping has put concerns over lack of knowledge over the UK Government stance on effort limitation in writing to UK fisheries minister Elliot Morley and his Scottish counterpart Ross Finnie.

And the Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association has demanded assurances that a new limitation scheme will not be slipped in at the end of this year’s EU-Norway reciprocal deal, with a view to January 1 introduction,without the industry’s prior knowledge.

Association secretary George MacRae tells ministers the introduction of effort limitation is of extreme concern. And no matter the detail of any scheme, it is essential the industry and the public are aware of where the UK Government stands on the principle.

Meanwhile, it is pertinent to remind ministers that over that past few years the industry has been the subject of very significant management control/restraint already, with measures such as closed areas, square mesh panels, increased mesh sizes and decommissioning, all introduced.

“ But to my knowledge, no economic impact assessment has been carried out in respect of any or all of these measures to ascertain the effect they have had on the Industry/stocks. The proposals for the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy include a provision that future control measures should be subject to economic impact assessments and therefore our Association considers that an economic assessment should be undertaken on all of the measures which have already been introduced to the Industry to date and the likely effect which effort limitation might have on the Fishing Industry.”