Minister Scott saves his job after "clarifying" his views on the CFP –

Minister Scott saves his job after “clarifying” his views on the CFP Published:  07 November, 2003

A SHETLAND MSP and minister has saved his job after clarifying his views on the Common Fisheries Policy.

Tavish Scott, the deputy finance minister in the Scottish Executive, claimed he had been misunderstood when he said he wanted to see the CFP disbanded.

The Scottish Executive supports the principle of common European ownership of all fish stocks: an exceptionally unpopular view with Scott’s constituents in Shetland, where half the population has signed a petition for it to be scrapped and for control of fish stocks in UK waters to return to the UK.

Scott was summoned to see Jack McConnell, the Scottish Executive’s first minister, to offer an explanation for his comments.

After the meeting, Scott said he had called for the CFP to be “fundamentally reformed”, not scrapped.

He insisted he had been misunderstood.

Tavish Scott MSP Scottish Executive

Scott told the BBC: “We must move towards a regional management system of EU fisheries policy.”

He added: “Simply repatriating the CFP to the UK or Scotland would not be in the best interests of Scottish fishermen, putting at risk the features of the current policy such as relative stability and the Shetland Box which we would wish to preserve.”

McConnell’s decision not to sack Scott was attacked by opposition politicians who claimed it made a mockery of the ministerial code of responsibility, where all ministers are collectively responsible for the Executive’s policy.