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Micanti realizes breakthrough in Turkey Published:  13 January, 2012

Salih Koseler with Dr.Ir Rik Breur, founder and CEO Micanti BV

Micanti has realized a breakthrough in Turkey with its non-toxic antifouling Thorn-D.

In 2007, Pinar Deniz was the first launching customer of Micanti worldwide by deploying one cage in the water. During the last years, several extra cages with Thorn-D were deployed. In december 2011, the project team came together again to draw conclusions. The initial cage has never been cleaned and resited biting of bream. These results have convinced Salih Koseler, Farming Director, to purchase a substantial number of cages of Thorn-D. This time, the cages will be produced with Dyneema fiber although nylon could be used as well.

The repeat order as well as the approval by Pinar Deniz, convinced other leading companies like Kilic, Noordzee and More as well to start using Thorn-D. The main reasons to use Thorn-D are the excellent antifouling properties and biting resistance while saving operational costs and eliminating use of toxics.