MEP Urges Action on Scots Fishers' Earnings –

MEP wants action over plunging fishers’ earnings

MEP Urges Action on Scots Fishers’ Earnings Fishing Monthly Published:  19 September, 2002

SCOTTISH Nationalist Euro MP Ian Hudghton has asked the European Commission for assurances that it will take account of the socio-economic impact of its management measures in the proposed reform of the Common Fisheries Policy.

He has also asked whether the Commission is fully aware of the economic hardship faced by fishermen and the fishing industry in general, and has contended that Commission measures which are not based on verifiable up-to-date scientific information, as has been recently been seen in the regulation of deep sea fisheries and proposals for open access in the North Sea, will only lead to a further loss of confidence in the EU fisheries management regime by the very people responsible for its implementation.

Mr Hudghton added he has also stressed the need for the Commission to act in relation to the reduced earnings of Scottish fishermen:

“I have emphasised to the Commission that Scottish fishermen’s earnings have dropped in general and have plunged in three years to less than a third of the 1998 estimate for the worst hit industry sector and further stressed that the loss of earnings in the industry has led to crewing problems for many vessels, which experienced difficulties recruiting experienced hands. The lack of confidence in the future of fishing has also meant an ageing workforce, with a resulting impact on safety and threatening the very future of fisheries dependent communities.”