MEP Meets Quality Body Over Food Report –

MEP Meets Quality Body Over Food Report Fish Farming Today Published:  22 November, 2002

EURO MP Ian Hudghton, the SNP’s European Fisheries and Aquaculture spokesperson, met representatives of Scottish Quality Salmon in Perth today and Mr Hudghton said he is inviting SQS to comment on the draft of an EU Fisheries Committee report on food safety, for which he is rapporteur.

Speaking in advance of the Perth meeting, Mr Hudghton said:

“My report forms the Fisheries Committee’s response to a wide-ranging Commission White Paper on food safety – an issue of ever increasing importance to consumers across Europe. The proposals emphasise the need to create a risk-based and integrated approach to food safety. In the case of fisheries this means a “sea to plate” approach where, at each and every stage, consumer safety is given paramount importance.

“Scottish Quality Salmon have a proven track record of linking high standards of food safety to the marketing of high quality and healthy food through its own quality assurance scheme. Given the importance of the aquaculture industry to so many of Scotland’s coastal and island communities, this serves as a successful model on which future quality assurance schemes can be built.”