Marine Harvest offer cash reward in bid to recapture escaped salmon –

Marine Harvest offer cash reward in bid to recapture escaped salmon Published:  19 November, 2013

MARINE Harvest, the  giant   Norwegian farmed salmon producer is offering a reward of 60 euros  for each fish recaptured after a mass salmon escape at one of its farms in Western Norway.

Marine Harvest, which is the world’s largest farmed salmon business revealed yesterday that hundreds of fish have escaped. Norway has been hit by severe stormy weather in the last few days and that is thought to be the cause of the incident. The exact number of escaped fish is not know but the submerged cage contained 127,000 salmon which was damaged by the weather.Marine Harvest has deployed nets around the affected area to try to catch the two-kilogramme -aways, but is also offering a 500 kroner or 60 euro – for each escapee returned dead or alive. The reward is clearly aimed at local fishermen who may catch the salmon in their nets. The company has conceded that there is an environmental risk especially if farmed and wild salmon breed with each otherMarte Grindaker, a spokeswoman for the company,said the company was taking the incident very seriously and was doing everything it could to “Marine Harvest takes the incident very seriously. We acknowledge that escapes can have a negative impact on wild salmon, and we have a goal of zero escapes,” told Al Jazeera TV News .In addition to setting out nets in the surrounding area and immediately repairing the damaged cage, Marine Harvest has contacted local fisherman to offer them a cash incentive for help recovering the fish.But Ms Grindaker said that, as far as she knew, no fish had yet been returned and that the total number of escapees was unknown.“We will count the fish as soon as the weather conditions improve. We cannot do that at the moment due to the weather, which is quite harsh now,” she said.