Marel nominated for the Aqua-Nor 2013 Innovation Award –

Marel nominated for the Aqua-Nor 2013 Innovation Award Published:  19 July, 2013

The Nor-Fishing Foundation has nominated Marel as one of four candidates for the 2013 Aqua-Nor Innovation Award for development within the aquaculture industry, at the Aqua-Nor exhibition in Trondheim, Norway.

The prize is awarded to a product, process or other activity that entails innovation which creates efficiency and quality in the aquaculture industry, securing plant, production and the environment. It is also important that the winning product will contribute to improved profitability for the industry as a whole.

The nominated product from Marel is the recently launched “Portioning and Robot Loading Solution” which was developed in partnership with and installed at Norwegian salmon processor Nordlaks Produkter AS. The innovative solution automates the process of portioning and loading fixed weight salmon portions into retail packs and enables a seamless flow of salmon portions without manual handling.

For Nordlaks, this has meant increased yield, throughput and quality with less manual handling. “We reduced labor needs by 20%, increased volume through the line because the flow is continuous and stable, and there is no longer the need to double-handle product. It was a very satisfying partnership project, and the outcome was spot on,” says Kristian Eilertsen, Factory Manager, Nordlaks Produkter AS.

The winner will be announced on 13 August at the Aqua-Nor exhibition.