Mainstream Canada begins legal proceedings against Mr. Don Staniford –

Mainstream Canada begins legal proceedings against Mr. Don Staniford Published:  25 March, 2011

Mainstream Canada has begun legal proceedings against Don Staniford and his organization The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture, for defamatory statements that have been made regarding the company’s fish farming operations. Mainstream views his statements as false, misleading and intended to harm the company.

The statements made by Mr. Staniford are a direct attack on Mainstream Canada and parent company Cermaq’s reputations as responsible corporate citizens whose primary goal is to harvest fish in a manner that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Mainstream Canada views the statements made by Mr. Staniford to be false, misleading and an affront to the many individuals and communities who rely on fish farming as a means of supporting themselves.

“We have a responsibility to our employees,” says Fernando Villarroel, Mainstream Canada’s Managing Director. “For a number of years certain environmental activists have been attacking our company and the industry with false and misleading statements. Our employees are working hard every day ensuring responsible aquaculture. We adhere to the strict regulations and our company’s best management practices. Comparing fish farming with cancer is an offence to all our employees”.

It is through this commitment by their employees that Mainstream Canada says it has achieved 3rd party International Standards (ISO) certification in three distinct areas; salmon farming operations, quality management systems and occupational health and safety assessment.

Mainstream Canada also operates under some of the strictest regulations in the world that govern the aquaculture industry. There are currently 73 pieces of federal and provincial legislation that regulate every aspect of the business, from environmental protection to fish health to food inspection for human consumption.

Statements made by Mr. Staniford have gone beyond logic and defy the conclusions of many well respected researchers and third party experts who have documented and reported on fish farming practices and their impact on individuals, the environment or other industries, said a statement from Mainstream.

“Mr. Staniford’s intention seems to be to frighten and convince consumers to turn away from eating farmed salmon. Contrary to his statements, the health benefits of eating fat fish like salmon are broadly encouraged. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least two times (two servings) a week.”

It is with this in mind that Mainstream Canada has undertaken this action. “Not only do we see this as necessary to protect our reputation,” says Laurie Jensen, Mainstream Canada’s Corporate Sustainability Manager, “but an obligation to ensure that our employees, our suppliers, the communities where we operate, and our First Nations partners will have the future basis for continued sustainable operations without interference from libelous statements by individuals or organizations such as Mr. Staniford‘s.”