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Leading Industry Top Executives​’ join NASF Global White Fish Industry Summit March 6th Published:  10 February, 2014

Who are the main drivers changing the global white fish industry?

Chaired by one of the world’s largest whitefish exporters; Torunn Halhjem from U.S. Trident Seafood’s in Seattle; 10 executives from 4 continents will discuss the outlook for this huge whitefish sector. This important NASF industry seminar gives you the opportunity to hear from some of the world’s top white fish operators about their businesses – and what they think about the structural changes that may affect the industry worldwide.. The whitefish market is facing challenges partly due to historically high cod quota on North Atlantic cod in the Barents Sea high quota levels for Alaska Pollock in both the U.S. and Russia. With whitefish prices currently trending in the lower end many fear a continued downward pressure on raw material prices.  Can the traditional whitefish species now re-conquer a position and lost market shares from the farmed freshwater species like pangasius and tilapia?   How can whitefish markets, , be developed in eco-emerging countries like China, Russia and Brazil and in the USA?  What is happening in Western Europe where further cut-backs and consolidation downstream is taking place.. ? The 2014 NASF white fish seminar will give insights into these and other critical market trends.Come and hear these Speakers:NASF Global Whitefish Summit March 6th BergenChair:  Torunn Halhjem, International Sales Director, Trident Seafoods, USAGlobal whitefish market outlook:•Ragnar Nystoel, CEO, Kontali, NorwayGlobal white fish supply outlook•North Atlantic supply – Tommy Torvanger, CEO, Nergård, Norway•Russia Pollock – Kristján Hjaltason, VP, Ocean Trawlers, London/Hong Kong•North American Pollock supply – Rasmus Soerensen, EVP,  American Seafoods, USA•Southern Africa Hake supply  – Felix Ratheb, CEO, Sea Harvest, South AfricaSupplies from new white fish aquaculture:•Outlook for tilapia – Magdalena Lamprecht Wallhoff, VP, Regal Springs Tilapia USA•Outlook for pangasius – Rune Vamraak, Director New Markets, EWOS, VietnamGlobal white fish markets:•Outlook for European white fish processing; Klaus Nielsen, CEO, Espersen, Denmark•Outlook for Germany, Felix Ahlers, CEO, Frosta, Germany•Outlook for Russia and Eastern Europe; Goran Nikolik, Rabo Bank, the NetherlandsPanel discussion: ” Prospects for structural changes in European White Fish markets”•Introduction by Finnbogi Baldvinsson, President, Pickenpack, GermanyPanel debate Chair Trident + Espersen, Pickenpack, Ocean Trawlers, American Seafoods, Nergaard, Sea Harvest, others

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