Landcatch to be sold –

Landcatch to be sold Published:  10 December, 2010

Landcatch, the Scottish salmon breeding company based in Mid Argyll, and its subsidiary Landcatch Natural Selection are to be sold by Lithgows Ltd to Netherlands-bsed Hendrix Genetics.

Lithgows Limited have signed a Letter of Intent for Hendrix Genetics to acquire Landcatch and Landcatch Natural Selection (LNS) from Lithgows Limited. Completion is expected in the first half of 2011 and is subject to various necessary consents.

Thijs Hendrix, President of Hendrix Genetics said: “We are excited to be able to enter this significant and growing sector. Aquaculture is a sustainable and valuable protein source all over the world and we are confident we can bring new and innovative ideas to a company with a long and successful track record in aquaculture. Aquaculture breeding is a natural extension to our existing portfolio.”

James Lithgow, chairman of Lithgows Limited, said: “Once our discussions started, it became clear that we share a very similar vision, and we realised that Hendrix Genetics and Landcatch were a natural fit.

“Landcatch produces its breeding stocks in land-based facilities where they are free from predation and kept in a stress-free environment which ensures high health status. Combining the efforts of our excellent production and R&D teams with those at Hendrix Genetics will make Landcatch and LNS even more effective, and ultimately more successful in supplying superior salmon eggs and juveniles to salmon producers world wide.”

Thijs Hendrix added: “This acquisition fits very well with our multi-species breeding strategy, and we look forward to becoming a leading aquaculture breeder, as we have done in turkeys, layers and pigs. With Landcatch and LNS we create a new platform with a new horizon in aquaculture breeding and life sciences.”

Landcatch was founded in the late 1970s by Sir William Lithgow (industrialist and farmer) and is a leading supplier of salmon eggs and juveniles. LNS is a specialist breeding company, which applies advanced selective breeding technologies to the Landcatch strain of Atlantic salmon, following industry leading biosecurity standards. LNS also provides its technologies and expertise in other fields of animal breeding.

Lithgows Limited is a Scottish family owned business founded in 1874 with interests range from fish farming to renewable energy.

Hendrix Genetics, headquartered in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, is a leading multi-species breeding company, supporting the global animal protein sector in more than 100 countries, with wholly owned operations and joint ventures in 22 countries. It has more than 1,500 employees with four divisions: layer breeding, pig breeding, turkey breeding and poultry distribution.