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July date for CFP reform proposals Published:  20 April, 2011

EUROPE’S fishing leaders are likely to be making a dash to Brussels on Wednesday, July 13th.

For that is the likely date when European Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki is expected to present her proposals for reform of the Common Fisheries Policy to the Commission. She confirmed the date when she met MEPs recently. But first the reform package will go to inter-service consultation within the Commission in mid-April, with the goal of having it ready for decision when the commissioners meet on 13 July, she told the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee.

The proposal will then be processed by the Council and the Parliament, the latter with co-decision rights since the Lisbon Treaty went into force in 2010.The new Common Fisheries Policy is scheduled to be decided in 2012, to be implied on January 1st 2013.

But the reaction of the individual fishing industry and governments will be all important. Both the English and Scottish fishing organisations have set out  in detail what they would like to see happen.

Last week the  Scottish Fishermen’s Federation has launched its  vision for the country’s fishing industry, although that was more aimed towards the new Scottish Government after the May elections rather than towards Europe.

A few weeks earlier the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) produced a ten point plan for reforming the Common Fisheries Policy –  and, at the same time it warned against “throwing  the baby out with the bathwater”. The NFFO said that while the CFP may be dysfunctional, over centralised and rigid there were some features that should not be abandoned.