Joint decleration signed on CFP –

Joint decleration signed on CFP Published:  17 May, 2011

Authorities in Spain, France and Portugal have signed a joint declaration for the maintenance of fishery agreements in the framework of the Common Fishery Policy (CFP).

The three countries are conviced that the external dimension of the CFP should preserve the future of the European Union (EU) fleet.

They highlight the relevance of the European vessels operating in international fisheries and say that it is essential to maintain the existing agreements..

When it comes to Regional Fishery Management Organisations (RFMOs), the three member states argue that the EU should strengthen its influence in these institutions as guarantors of responsible fishing and controllers of the activity in international waters.

On Friday, the Commissioner for Fisheries of the EU, Maria Damanaki, said that “greater transparency” should be promoted in future fishery agreements between Europe and other countries.

In her opinion, it was necessary to make a “radical change” in various aspects of fishery agreements and “to find ways of improving the quality and increase the added value”.

The main objective of the CFP is to “ensure that fish stocks in our seas are in good condition and are productive”, she said.