John Eccles Hatcheries has been successfully breeding scottish charr for 15 years. –

John Eccles Hatcheries has been successfully breeding scottish charr for 15 years. Published:  09 December, 2009

The stock is the result of 2 E.U. Research programmes. Charr from 8 different lochs were compared for growth, taste, colour and adaptability to farm conditions.

The chosen stock has been part of a continuous selection programme since then. Rackwick charr are now a prominent european farm specie in their own right. Charr are a salmonid which, in scottish lochs, tend to live in shoals. They are therefore highly suitable for fishfarm conditions and will stock at densities up to 100 kilos/ Their non-aggressive  tank behavior ensures that there is no fin-nipping and therefore market produce is always in prime condition.They have a very high tolerence of low oxygen conditions and feed strongly at very low temperatures( down to 2 degrees). Conversely they will slow down in feeding at temperatures above 17 degrees. The flavour is subtle but not unlike salmon or trout. They have proved superior to other salmonids for smoking. Being isolated on its own stream, feeding directly into the Atlantic, the farm has been completely desease free for 20 years.It is presently dedicated to this specie. Rackwick charr has recently been the subject of two television cookery programmes, receiving high reviews and customer awareness of this new farm specie is increasing dramatically. We have arctic charr ova for sale within the U.K., mid -December until end of January. Delivery can be by air to any port with a British Airways connection.Smaller quantities accepted. For prices and availability please contact or ring 01856791219.