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Japanese finance giant plans $1.6 billion seafood investment Published:  10 August, 2010

IN what is seen as a major surprise, Nomura Securities Company, the Japanese owned  financial services group is to set up the world’s first investment trust specifically targeting global seafood and fisheries related businesses. The group is planning an investment that will raise around $1.6 billion annually.

This is an unusual move for a business normally concerned with high finance. It is being made because the company sees a growing demand for fish in many countries.

Nomura said it has judged that fishery-related businesses will grow in the long term. People in the United States, Europe and elsewhere are becoming more health-conscious while fish demand is also expected to rise in emerging countries amid economic growth..’A company spokesman said: “We’d like to attract customers who have not been interested in  investment funds.”the last few months has seen financial companies take an increasing interest in fishing and seafood with private equity businesses snapping up businesses such Findus Italy and Picard in France.

About 30 per cent of the collected funds is expected to be invested in businesses in Japan , while around 40 percent would be invested in U.S. firms, Nomura officials said. The company also plans to invest in companies in emerging  such as Thailand and Brazil where aquaculture is growing rapidly , as well as in Norway where fishing is the main industry after oil and gas exploration.. The fund will be invested in listed companies that engage in fishing or fish farming, as well as those which make fishery-related goods such as  fishing gear . Companies in the food service industry that serve seafood will also be targeted for investment, the Nomura spokesman added.