ISS7 to begin where ISS6 left off –

ISS7 to begin where ISS6 left off Published:  16 April, 2013

With a Chinese delegation exceeding 50-strong and a ‘China Zone’ being planned for the tradeshow, the 7th International Symposium on Sturgeons (ISS7) is well positioned build on the scientific and technical advancements from ISS6 in Wuhan China, as well as to facilitate access to Chinese products and markets through the tradeshow connections.

China is the world leader in sturgeon aquaculture, producing 21,000 tonnes from 125 farms in 2009 using more than 13 different species and hybrids.

 Interest in the aquaculture potential of this sturgeon is large and growing rapidly. Issues going forward include value added product development; enhancing the value chain; fish health; upgrading management strategies and husbandry, marketing and labeling.  The Chinese growth trend in sturgeon production is expected to continue.

At the same time, interest and research activity in sturgeon conservation is also growing as China’s economic development proceeds and places strain on critical habitats and ecosystems.  Achieving a balance is essential for the future of Chinese sturgeon populations. Chinese scientists will be reporting on a range of subjects at ISS7 including results from studies on cryopreservation and gynogenesis which are necessary for better resource management and to preserve genetic diversity, as well as the development and practical application of acoustic and other technologies for population surveys.

The ISS7 meeting title – Sturgeon Science and Society at the Crossroads: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century reflects the ongoing tension between economic development and sturgeon conservation which is at play not only in China but in many countries from around the world.

The ISS7 tradeshow represents a great opportunity to display products, services and technologies to an expected 600 delegates/potential customers from around the globe and only happens every four years.