ISFA Support New Salmon Initiative –

ISFA Support New Salmon Initiative Fish Farming Today Published:  13 March, 2003

THE new initiative by Canadian, US and Chilean producers to publicise the achievements and potential of salmon farming has been warmly welcomed by the International Salmon Farmers Association.

“The new campaign sets out to answer the industry’s critics in the best possible way,” said Dr. Vigfus Johannsson, Executive Chairman of ISFA. “It focuses attention on the sustainability of modern aquaculture and the care with which producers approach their stock. It also reveals a producer-driven sensitivity to the environment in which we all live and work.

“We applaud this approach and wish the campaign every success.”

Dr. Johannsson also said that, while considerable progress was now being made in the creation of more open lines of communication between farmed and wild salmon organisations, there were still others who continued to deal in misinformation about aquaculture.

“Their comments, which are often widely reported, are based on historic and extremely weak scientific evidence,” he said. “It is absolutely correct, therefore, that the new Canadian, US and Chilean campaign should seek to redress this misinformation, providing consumers with a presentation of the reality of salmon farming as it exists in 2003.”