Irish fishing vessel receives assistance –

Irish fishing vessel receives assistance Published:  30 April, 2010

At 5:30am today, Stornoway Coastguard received a Mayday call from the Irish registered fishing vessel Ainmaire, 30 miles West Northwest of the Butt of Lewis.

The crew reported that the vessel was taking on water and they require immediate assistance.

Stornoway Coastguard re-broadcast the distress to other ships in the area and scrambled the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter, “Rescue 100”, from Stornoway and requested the launch of the Stornoway RNLI Lifeboat.

The fishing vessel Our Hazel responded to the distress call from the coastguard and rescued the five crew from the Ainmaire, who were all wearing survival suits and life jackets. All the crew are reported to be safe and well but the Ainmaire is listing heavily and expected to sink.

Watch manager Martin Collins said: ‘The crew of the Our Hazel is to be congratulated on their rescue this morning. Their prompt response has made sure that the Ainmaire crew are now safe and averted what could have been a disaster. Although the vessel remains afloat, any hope of saving it has, unfortunately, gone.