Invest, Not Destroy, Say Nationalists –

Invest, Not Destroy, Say Nationalists Fishing Monthly Published:  10 April, 2003

THE Scottish National Party today marked the opening day of a major fisheries exhibition in Glasgow by promising to double the cash available for Scottish fleet tie-up.

At a press conference marking the opening of Fishing 2003, the party pledged to invest more than £70million to implement a comprehensive recovery package for the Scottish fishing industry.

And as well as more money for tie-up, the party said it would refocus decommissioning cash in favour of fleet recovery-not redundancy.They would therefore cut the present decomissioning cash by half.

Party fisheries spokesman Richard Lochhead said that they would double fleet tie up cash to £20million and scale back the current decommissioning scheme to £20million as the party wanted to invest in recovery, not fleet destruction.

The Glasgow showcase opened on a busier note than was expected, given the whitefish sector’s problems and the organisers are hoping for a bigger influx of skippers tomorrow.