Industry Anger As Fleet Plans Revealed –

New fleet effort cut on the cards…

Industry Anger As Fleet Plans Revealed Fishing Monthly Published:  20 September, 2002

A FURIOUS industry leader said tonight the industry is in the dark over a major new cut being faced by the industry.

Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association secretary George MacRae said he had been told by association chairman Mike Park,who is in Strasbourg, that the EC is demanding a 57% effort cut for next year.

Mr MacRae said that the UK had already cut capacity by 20% through decommissioning, implying they still had to find an additional 37% reduction for next year.

And he had been angered to learn the UK Government supplied details a fortnight ago of the kilowatt days clocked up by the UK fleet to allow the Commission to plan an effort limitation scheme.

This was despite the fact that the fishing industry had received no clear answers from the Government on UK policy on the Commission’s January 1 target for introduction of more effort cut back controls.

“This is being done by stealth which is disgraceful and I understand that the amount of cash being allocated for decommissioning by the Commission for next year is £20million for the whole of Europe, £5million less than the Scottish fleet got.

“But we have not heard anything about a 37% cut because no politicians are speaking to us, yet Ministers have gone behind our back to supply details of kilowatt days to the Commission knowing full well what is being planned.”

And it seemed certain that EC policy sought to force skippers out of business with no compensation. “We must fight this.”