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“Ignored” Crusaders mount new protest Fishing Monthly Published:  25 February, 2004

THE Cod Crusaders, the Fraserburgh based protest group battling for a fair deal for the fishing industry, were today planning to be chained to pillars outside the Scottish Parliament’s committee chambers as a protest at being “ignored” by Scottish Government ministers.

On her way to the demonstration, Crusader Carol MacDonald said the Scottish Government had frozen out the protest group.

She said deputy fisheries minister Allan Wilson had refused to meet them to address the fishing permit issue and the fact that the Scottish Executive is six months in arrears over transitional aid payments and the bills are piling up.

Meanwhile, Margaret Curran, the minister for community issues, would not see them either to address the issue of rising poverty within the communities dependent on the fishing industry and the fact that these areas need economic re-generation.

MacDonald added:”We are going to be supported today by fishermen from the Black Isle and the plan is to chain us to the pillars outside the committee chambers in order to make a stance, because we have been totally ignored by the likes of Margaret Curran and Allan Wilson

“Basically our message to the Scottish Executive is that we are not going to take this any longer but all we are asking for is an extra five days catching time each month to allow us to fish our allocated quotas with no restrictions.”

Meanwhile today’s protest would be the first of a number in the run up to the Euro elections.