Iceland's Fisheries Minister comments on EU sanctions on Faroe Islands –

Iceland’s Fisheries Minister comments on EU sanctions on Faroe Islands Published:  31 July, 2013

“We are disappointed to see that the EU chose to impose sanctions on the Faroe Islands for its herring and mackerel catch. 

We don’t believe this is best way to settle these types of disagreements between friendly countries. This move from Brussels seriously undermines the efforts of the Coastal States to find a solution through diplomacy and dialogue.

We are confident that a science-based solution can be reached over mackerel catch quotas that is fair to all the coastal states. For this to happen, the EU and Norway must acknowledge the massive shift of the mackerel population into Iceland’s waters over past few years. Quotas should be set based on the realities of 2013 not on mackerel migratory patterns of a decade ago.In early July, Iceland issued a call for the Coastal States to resume negotiations and we are pleased that all parties have accepted the offer. We are optimistic that we can reach a solution that ensures a fair share for all and safeguards the environmental and economic interests of the Coastal States.”