Icelandic trawlers heading to Humber –

Icelandic trawlers heading to Humber Published:  04 March, 2009

MORE Icelandic long line trawlers are heading for the Humber – and could arrive as soon as this weekend.

Atlantic Fresh, the import company, which brought the first Icelandic vessel to Humber for more than 20 years on Monday, announced last night that plans are being made for further landings in the near future.

Icelandic skipper Sigurbjorn Gudmundsson and his crew on the longliner “Sturla” said tyey were pleased with Monday’s market reaction to their exploratory “straight from the fishing grounds” landing at Grimsby. The cod catch fetched good prices, generally above the containerised supply, and buying patterns indicated the hoped-for preference by the top end catering and specialist retail trades.

The company added: “Plans are already being made for further such landings by the Grindavik-based fleet, probably as early as this coming weekend.”

The big attraction is that the vessel is paid almost immediately – and in foreign currency which Iceland desperately needs.

Martyn Boyers, chief executive of Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprises, the company which owns the fish market said “This is good news for the port it is almost like the old days being back again. .The Sturla was testing the market to see if it is more economic to send fish this way and we think it will be the prelude to other visits by Icelandic vessels.”

Steve Norton, chief executive of the Grimsby Fish Merchants Association, said: “We are looking forward to further visits. The quality of fish was very good and it sold well.”