Icelandic mackerel fishing with no by-catch –

Icelandic mackerel fishing with no by-catch Published:  23 August, 2013

Two of HB Grandi’s Icelandic freezer trawlers, Therney RE and Örfirisey RE, are now fishing mackerel west and north-west of Snæfellsnes.

According to Therney’s skipper Ægir Franzson, the fishing has been good so far. They have been working at full freezing capacity every day and have been fishing and are expected to dock in Reykjavík next Sunday.

‘We have been fishing mostly in the Kolla Gully and have been further north into the Látra Shallows. There is a lot of mackerel here and what’s great is that there is no by-catch. This is beautiful mackerel and most of it has been from 300 up to 500 grammes,’ he said.

The mackerel are whole frozen on board and freezing capacity is roughly 55 tonnes per day. The freezing capacity dictates how much is taken and Ægir Franzson said that the day’s amount of mackerel can sometimes be caught in a short time. In between tows, the ship is laid to while the catch is processed.

There have been a number of vessels fishing on mackerel in the Kolla Gully recently and Ægir Franzson said that there were ten around him, mainly pelagic vessels. Therney is scheduled to dock in Reykjavík on Sunday, making this a 10-day trip.